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Fine Art Prints by Haida Artist Freda Diesing

It gives me great pleasure to present my Auntie Freda’s art to you. I believe that she has created a legacy of which not only our family can be very proud, but also the Native Art community of Canada.

I have faithfully reproduced her art in the original style, size, ink colours and paper stock that were first used to give Freda’s creative vision life. I have signed them in such a way that they hold the same value as the original editions. I am producing a Second Edition Limited Edition Original run of only 300 copies of each print. A certificate of authenticity, a biography of Freda Diesing, and an explanation of the artwork accompany each piece.

I love that Freda stayed true to the traditional Haida style when creating her art. She chose to work only with the colours used by our ancestral Haida artists: Charcoal, Ochre and the Blue-Green derived from copper minerals. The clean lines and simple colour schemes combine to create art that is visually appealing. Yet upon closer examination, you will begin to see the intricacy of designs within the designs. A face in a wing, eyes in a tail, an entire bird inside a whale, the curve of a claw that you overlooked on first glance.

I know that owning one of my Auntie Freda’s prints will enrich your life. Now that you have made the decision to purchase a print, you are faced with the difficult task of making your selection.


Christy Wood
Great Niece of Freda Diesing